Peter Krejsa

  Projekte mit
traditionellen afrikanischen Gesellschaften
                 On site cooperation with chefferies in Cameroon
                 IDA - Identification of Art Objects
                 Physico-chemical methods for verification and identification

                 Infrastructure development
                 La société << La route des chefferies>>
                 Ausstellung, 2012 in Halbturn: Afrika - Terra inkognita
Seit 2011 Ndé Saha Dion von Bamendjinda. Traditionelle Bedeutung:
                Chef der Armee, 2ième adjoint du roi

CIP - Critical Infrastructure Protection
           with Johannes Melbinger - see links

Kreyenburg Collections

           Africana: some 2000 objects
           Asia: mainly India
           Islam: Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq. 
                   Illuminated   manuscripts from Turkey, Iran and
           Judaica: Thora Shrine doors from Southern Morocco
           Rare Books: European heritage
Book projects
           Masken als isomorphe kommunikative Interfaces -noch immer in Arbeit

           Axiome und Imaginationen  - in Arbeit       
           Die Haut der  Anderen.  Teil 1 und Teil 2 abgeschlossen, gedruckt und pdf
                  auf dieser hp
           Das Heuwagentriptychon, alle 3 Teile auch als pdf auf dieser hp
Aus der Vergangenheit /from the deep wells of the past
           Fallout of Nuclear Weapons Tests (1969/70), Thesis
               Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India
           Head of Dept.Nuclear Waste Management,  ARCS
           Austrian representative in the OECD HLWM Committee
               1975 - 1991- Paris, France
           Coordinator Innovation Lab, Modelling of Complex Systems, ARC
           UNSCOM-9 mission, MoD, Lt.Colonel, 1991 Iraq WMD control
            (chemical weapons),
                Baghdad, Bahrain
           OPCW, Prepcom of the Organisation of Prohibition of
               Chemical Weapons, Chairman OACW Committee, The Hague,
                Netherlands, 1993-1997
           UN - Decade of Disaster Prevention, Convenor Industrial
                Disasters, Geneva
           EU - ETCA, Coordinator Environmental Technology Concerted Action,
                Vienna, Brussels, Cranfield, Milan, Copenhagen, Nancy,
                  Lissabonne, Dresden,  Darmstadt; 1998-2001
           EU - IMPACT, Antiterrorism, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Stockholm
           EC - Destruction of PFM-1 landmine stockpiles, Kiev, Moscow, Minsk
           STCU - Scientific Advisor, Science and Technology Center Ukraine
           and for a long time
           Executive Secretary of the Austrian Nuclear Society
           Member of the board of ENS - European Nuclear Society
           some 200 publications and book contributions.

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